Fitness Day Two

So, day two and I’m still on task. YAY me :) I did my Yoga and stretches then I started Tabota Training. Again, it was fun and again I’m surprised I liked it. I thought my muscles were going to be sore today but really I was okay. Well, at least until after todays workout. Now I’m feeling pretty sore but I’m hopeful that with some ibuprofen (because OWWEE) I will live. Tomorrow I will push through the workout sore or not. I have 2 out of 4 workouts done, I’m half way there for my weekly goal!

Working out today brought up a question. When is the nest time to work out? I have a feeling most people would say in the morning. I am so NOT a morning person.


I have a post floating around somewhere that says FITNESS DAY ONE, but I can not find. I have asked about it and I am now awaiting an answer. If I must re write it I will in a few days. I am hopeful that my post will be found :)